How to do your own Motorcycle Oil Change

How to do your own Motorcycle Oil Change

Taking care of your bike is an investment in yourself and moto journey! Doing your own bike maintenance can be intimidating but it is rewarding. The best place to start is changing your motorcycle oil- Something we ALL need to do!

Regular oil changes are important for every rider’s maintenance. Think of it like this: your bike's engine is its heart, and oil is the lifeblood that keeps it running smoothly. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes contaminated with debris, causing friction and heat. Changing your oil prevents engine damage, ensures peak performance, and extends the life of your ride.

Before we dive into the actual oil change, here are the things you need:

Motorcycle-specific oil: Google or consult your owner's manual to find the recommended oil type and viscosity for your bike.

Oil filter: Ensure you order the right one for your motorcycle model.

Wrenches and sockets: To remove the drain plug and oil filter.

Oil pan: To catch the old oil. A big plastic container works well.

Funnel: Makes pouring new oil easier.

Oil filter wrench: In case the filter is stubborn.

Rags or paper towels: For cleaning up any spills.

Safety gear: Gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes.

Here are the steps to changing your oil. Amazon most likely has an oil change kit for your bike so check it out!  

Stabilize: Park your bike on a flat surface and put it on its center stand or a sturdy stand. Make sure it's stable and won't tip over.

Locate the drain plug: Consult your owner's manual to find it, but it's usually underneath the engine. Place your oil pan underneath.

Loosen the drain plug: Use your wrench or socket to gently loosen the plug. Be prepared for some oil to come gushing out, so be careful.

Remove the oil filter: Again, consult your manual for the location. Use your wrench to unscrew it. It might be a bit tight, so some muscle might be needed.

Dispose of the old oil and filter: Take your used oil to a recycling center or an auto parts store that accepts it. Don't just dump it! Autozone recycles this for free. 

Replace the oil filter: Before screwing on the new filter, put a little oil on the rubber gasket to ensure a good seal. Hand-tighten it, and then give it a quarter-turn more with the wrench.

Refill with fresh oil: Use your funnel to pour in the new oil. Check your owner's manual for the recommended quantity. Don't overfill!

Double-check: Make sure the drain plug is snug, the oil filter is properly tightened, and there are no leaks.

My suggestion is to find and follow a youtube video tutorial of someone changing the oil on your bike model, that’s what I did and it made it so easy. 

Whether you're just starting your motorcycling journey or you're a seasoned rider, don't be afraid to dive into some DIY motorcycle maintenance. Changing your oil is a fantastic way to bond with your bike and ensure many more miles of memorable rides. Happy riding! 🏍️💨

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